Chris back will be performing with Psquare, Awilo longomba & ferre gola in Congo

Chris back Ready to set up Kinshasa and Brazzaville
Chris back maestro Will be Part of A great Event It’s a mega concert Alongside African legendary psquare awilo longomba ferré Gola and many more we do not know maybe there is a featuring loading or what has you have all noticed Margarita done by Chris back have you all noticed that The single margarita has open a lot of International deals


Chris back is promising African people that he will deliver nice music has he will be landing this week In Kinshasa before the show for some TV interviews and TV adverts Chris back just revealed to us that he just got 4 deals with Top network communication companies said Chris back so do not be surprised to have him in you phone
The date is set @Psquare @Chris back @Ferre gola


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