[Lyrics] John Samuel – Make Like You – Prod by Lisma



Thank you father, we glorify your name abba father, we give you all the praise and give you all the glory,cos in your presence there is fullness of joy, hallelujah,


when there was nothing you made up something, Even when we fail your trust you still shown us love, from grass to grace you brought us,you gave hope to defeat our helpless state, there’s nothing else to disc ripe you with my lord in all the earth,there’s none like you……

Oh wehronye dika gih,every body sing it now yeah
Respond- oh wehronye dika gih
Oh wehronye dika gih, let me your voice saying,
Oh wehronye yirih gih
Oh wehronye dika gih
Oh wehronye……..
Oh wehronye yirih gih,
Oh wehronye dika…. Oh wehronye……… Dika gih


The earth is made by him and its fullness there of, the things we are proud of,he made them all,in our doubt and unbelieve he is faithful and merciful, to meet our needs when we ask or think, in all the earth, cos we are made like him……….

Olorun oba alewilese
Oyigi yigi arubo ojo
Talk=yeah give him the praise,
Kaine sarkin sarakuna
Talk-Kaine kadai ka is a godiya ya ubangiji
Almasihu Isah
Talk=alkadiru gagara misali bawani sai kai.
Olorun oba alewilese
Adlipt-oyigih yigi……….h
Oyigi yigi arubo ojo
Adlipt,alafiorun. …….
Kaine sarkin sarakuna
Talk-ya almasihu kai kadai ma is a yabo
Almasihu Isah kalmatullahi

Idiebube imaramma
We are made like you 4×
Adlipt-give you all the praise give you all the thanks,eze, idiomili idiebube okaka idiebube,sohgih by Chi mo eh,aiyihnenyegih otitoh,aiyihnenyegih ekene,give you all the praise, all the praise, all the praise, abba father lord,give you all the thanks, we worship you lord…….oh yeah we worship you Abba Father, thank you lord,thank you lord,we give you all the glory, all the glory,all the glory lord,Eze oo idieomili,idiebubeh okaka kosieni toh da be……reh.

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